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FLUENT IN FOUR launched!

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How and Why I Did a Speech Contest in a Language I Don't Speak

Our lives are like sailboats. We set a direction and we go that way. Before I started my Erasmus exchange semester in Krakow, I only wanted to set one clear direction : I would seize every opportunity that comes my way. This direction in my sailboat brought me to the Toastmaster's club and got me to participate in a speech contest in Polish against native speakers. 
One month before leaving Toulouse, I put a piece of paper up on my wall to remind me to say "Yes!". It was a reference to the Jim Carrey film YesMan, a silly but inspiring story of a man who is put in a trance and has to say yes to every opportunity that comes his way. This might seem outlandish. However, we all probably turn down interesting treasures of opportunities all too often. 
There's a voice in my head that sometimes complains a lot about a lack in my life of different things. Why don't I travel more with friends? Why am I not invited to all these fun events? Only to then realize that I turn…


Here is the teaser for my web series which will launch on February 4 2019. Like, share, and subscribe! Let's hit 107 subscribers because we can then use custom URLs!



Welcome to the FLUENT IN FOUR blog for my web series.

Today, I officially reveal my goal of learning Polish, my fourth language, fluently in four months during my exchange semester in Krakow, Poland.

I will be recording this entire journey for you to enjoy in a YouTube web series (click here for the channel). I will be publishing links to my episodes on this blog.

There will be two episodes every week.

I will be posting more details after the launch video which will be published this Monday.

This is a project I have been planning for months and I can't wait for you to join me for four months of me POLISHING MY POLISH!

Stefan Nesic